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Great site!

Snowmobiling in Karelia

I am interested in snowmobiling by own snowmobile in Karelia. Do you have marked trails and are they maintained/prepared? How about accommodation? Any low cost hotels or motels? Any snowmobile clubs in province?


Vsem privet. Pozdravlyayu s nastupayuschim. Jelayu vashemu proekty iz tigrenka prevratit'sya v tigra v sledeyuschem godu. Izvinite za translit, net russkoy raskladki.

Thomas (36 y. o., Germany)

Hello to everybody in this wonderful countryside of Karelia. I have been there twice in my life and want to go there again. I love Karelia. I am interested with contacts from people who live there. Please contact me. I hope to see you soon in Karelia.

Karelia Dunham

My daughter just wanted to say hi to everyone out there. I was showing he pictures of the republic she was named after! She thinks it's very "pretty" and likes the "castles".


We are going to visit Kizhi in AUG. Is there any place we could take a shower in Petrozavodsk? Becouse we are going there by blue train, we want to take a shower in Petrozavodsk, and we'd like to know the price. Regards!

About Kizhi tour

Hi, We're going to visit Russia in Oct. and plan to visit Kizhi on Oct. 10th. Is there still boat to the island? And also we'd like to know the price for the boat and Kizhi entrance ticket. Many thanks!

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