Road network

If you are intending to come to the Republic of Karelia, you can use railroad and bus services, drive on your own or fly.

From the south to the north the territory of the republic is crossed by a federal highway "Kola" (M-18), leading from Saint-Petersburg to Murmansk. The section which goes through Karelia is 969 km long. During the last 25 years the highway had been straighteded and almost completely renovated. Though it can’t be named an autobahn yet, an experienced driver will be able to croos  Karelia in 12-14 hours.

The most popular republican highway - International Tourist Route "Blue road" - crosses Karelia from the west to the east. It begins in the Norwegian city of Mo-and-Rana, then goes through Sweden, Gulf of Bothnia, Finland, Sortavala, Pitkyaranta, Olonets, Petrozavodsk, Pudozh and ends up in Archangelskaya oblast.

The overnight trains from Saint-Petersburg & Moscow are convenient and save the cost of a hotel. Trains leave for Saint-Petersburg (about 8 hours), Moscow (15 to 20 hours) and Murmansk (21 to 26 hours).

For destinations in northern Karelia catch buses. There are tourist services to and from Finland (operates a daily bus from Kuhmo to Kostomuksha), a connecting bus service to Belomorsk and a daily service from St Petersburg.

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