Incoming tourists can get the information about tourist sights, itineraries and accomodation in Sortavala and nearby regions in Visit-center of Sortavala city.

Karelian villages Kinerma, Sholtozero and Rubchoila invite you to experience real  country life with its splendid air and imperceptible charm without city ruffle, noise and high technology.

Travel Companies of Karelia

City / settlement
  • Travel agency
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  • Accomodation
  Name City / region Phone number Petrozavodsk/ Petrozavodsk, Suojarvskaja St., 32-а
Art-Travel Petrozavodsk/ Petrozavodsk, Dzerzhinsky st., 10
Aviaretro-Tour Petrozavodsk/ Petrozavodsk, Lisitsina Str, 5-B, 32
Belomortur Chupa/ Louhsky, Chupa, Pionerskaya str., 52 +7-911-924-7099
Belomorye Belomorsk/ Belomorsky, Voronina, 8
Diving center "Polar Circle" Louhi/ Louhsky, Chupa, Pionerskaja Str. 42
Druzhba Olonets/ Olonetsky, Svirskih Diviziy st., 5
Druzhba (Kolmas Karelia, Ladoga Tours) Sortavala/ Sortavalsky, Karelskaja st., 29
Intourist-Petrozavodsk Petrozavodsk/ Petrozavodsk, Volodarsky Str, 40
Karelian holidays Petrozavodsk/ Petrozavodsk, Gertsina Str, 14
Karelika Petrozavodsk/ Petrozavodsk, Lososinskaya nabereznja, 7, room 1
Korela Petrozavodsk/ Petrozavodsk, Lenin ave., 38-41
Lukomorie Petrozavodsk/ Petrozavodsk, Varlamova st., 13-a
Nordic Travel Petrozavodsk/ Petrozavodsk, Kljuchevskoe ave., 13
North-West Bureau Russia Discovery Petrozavodsk/ Petrozavodsk, Puteiskaya str.,5
Pellotsaari Tour Petrozavodsk/ Petrozavodsk, Chapaeva Str., 14-32
Petrointour Petrozavodsk/ Petrozavodsk, Pravda Str, 1-A
Petrovan Tour Petrozavodsk/ Petrozavodsk, Kyibisheva Str, 14
Pohjola-Tour Petrozavodsk/ Petrozavodsk, Kuibisheva st., 18
Ratas Petrozavodsk/ Petrozavodsk, Volodarskii st., 47-a, of.3
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