Going on your own to the islands is easy – the hydrofoils and ships go every day from the piers in Petrozavodsk (to Kizhi),  Sortavala (to Valaam), Belomorsk and Rabocheostrovsk (to Solovki). One thing you have to do is to check the timetable.

Incoming tourists can get the information about tourist sights, itineraries and accomodation in Sortavala and nearby regions in Visit-center of Sortavala city.

Karelian villages Kinerma, Sholtozero and Rubchoila invite you to experience real  country life with its splendid air and imperceptible charm without city ruffle, noise and high technology.

Guide for a safe stay

DEAR GUEST, to make your stay in our republic pleasant and safe Tourist Information Center of Karelia recommends:

  • Do not neglect the rules of personal safety.
  • Exchange currency only at officially established exchange places after you have moved into the republic.
  • Do not take fellow travellers while driving your car especially at the night-time.
  • Park your car only at paid parking lots if you need to leave it for а long time.
  • Do not to keep valuables, money or documents in your car or your hotel room.
  • Lock the door of the compartment while travelling by train. Lodge for the nights at the hotels.
  • Do not open the door to unknown persons if you haven't arranged the meeting before.
  • Control the situation around yourself while visiting public places.
  • Use the taxi cars with the distinctive signs easily identified.
  • Remember - your money is not worth your life and health. If the crime is committed towards you or somebody else apply for help immediately to the militia (police) personally or by phone - 02. The call is free of charge over the territory of Russia!