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29 january 2013

The largest international Sled Dog Race competiotions will be held in Karelia, Kalevala region.
It is one of the remarkable event on the Norht-West of Russia, wich has been held since 2010. Within several days well-known Russian and European mushers will have to overcome 440 km in severe taiga.

Trails will pass in the historical places, connected with creation of the epic «Kalevala», with a cultural and historical heritage of northern Karelia: township Kalevala, village Voinica, villageHaikola, farm Hiame, etc.

- Skijoring (competitor + 1 or 2 dogs)
- Dogsleds (6-8 dogs)

Itinerary of the race:
Total distance 440 km.
- Route number 1 - 100 km.
- Route number 2 - 142 km. Drivers pass this route for 2 days. Spending the night in the village Haikola;
- Route number 3 - 198 km. Drivers pass this route for 3 days. Spending the night in the village Voinica and farm Hiame.

Goals and Objectives of the race «KALEVALA 2013»:
- Propaganda of sport, promotion of the interest in physical education and healthy lifestyle;
- Promotion of winter sport;
- Identification of the strongest athletes;
- Creation and maintenance of the prepared tracks for winter kinds of mass sport, forming on their basis the training centers;
- Attraction of the international attention and strengthening of a role of the Russian sport on the threshold of the Olympic games of 2014;
- Growth of frontier cooperation in the field of sports and international contacts in Sleddog sport.
- Formation of positive image of Kalevala national region and Karelia in general;
- The development and improvementof tourism infrastructure in the Kalevala national region;
- Attracting public attention, including international, in the process of revival and preservation of the unique national culture of North Karelia and the natural potential of the Russian North.