Going on your own to the islands is easy – the hydrofoils and ships go every day from the piers in Petrozavodsk (to Kizhi),  Sortavala (to Valaam), Belomorsk and Rabocheostrovsk (to Solovki). One thing you have to do is to check the timetable.

Incoming tourists can get the information about tourist sights, itineraries and accomodation in Sortavala and nearby regions in Visit-center of Sortavala city.

Karelian villages Kinerma, Sholtozero and Rubchoila invite you to experience real  country life with its splendid air and imperceptible charm without city ruffle, noise and high technology.

Tour Operators Register. International Tourism

Register number Travel Company Address
МВТ 001433 Polar Circle Chupa, Pionerskaya str., 42, ph. (495) 105-77-99
МВТ 000390 Petrozavodsk, Suvorova str., 29 /1, ph. 56-50-46
МТ3 000329 Karelika Petrozavodsk, Merezkogo str., 22-23, ph. 57-89-10
МВТ 000290 Intourist-Petrozavodsk Petrozavodsk, Lenina pr., 21, ph. 76-63-06, 78-15-49
МВТ 000290 Tourbureau Teatralnoe Petrozavodsk, Gerzena str., 31a-22, ph. 76-30-30
МВТ 000287 Korela Petrozavodsk, Lenina pr., 38-41, ph. 78-03-91
МВТ 000406 Belomorie Belomorsk, Voronina str., 2-60, ph. (237) 5-42-00
МВТ 000296 Tourholding Karelia Petrozavodsk, Gyulinga emb., 2, ph. 73-33-33
МВТ 000575 Nordic Travel Petrozavodsk, Klyuchevskoe highway, 13, ph. 56-02-01
МВТ 000067 Druzhba Olonez, Svirskih Divizy str.,  5, ph. (814-36) 2-18-10, 2-17-50
МВТ 002268 Druzhba Sortavala, Promyshlennaya str., 44