Going on your own to the islands is easy – the hydrofoils and ships go every day from the piers in Petrozavodsk (to Kizhi),  Sortavala (to Valaam), Belomorsk and Rabocheostrovsk (to Solovki). One thing you have to do is to check the timetable.

Incoming tourists can get the information about tourist sights, itineraries and accomodation in Sortavala and nearby regions in Visit-center of Sortavala city.

Karelian villages Kinerma, Sholtozero and Rubchoila invite you to experience real  country life with its splendid air and imperceptible charm without city ruffle, noise and high technology.

Shunga open-cast


The only in the world field of black shale - schungite mineral, which contains from 75 to 99.6 percents of a pure carbon - is located on Zaonezhskiy peninsula, not far from Shunga settlement. It was first mentioned in the literature in 1785. It got its name after the name of the place of its location in 1879 by academician A. Inostrantsev.

Nowadays schungite is mined and used as a material for manufacturing of absolutely inert filters for water cleaning, foamed stuff for light concretes, conducting paints.