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Karelian villages Kinerma, Sholtozero and Rubchoila invite you to experience real  country life with its splendid air and imperceptible charm without city ruffle, noise and high technology.

Waterfall Tohmajoki


The Tohmajoki River is one of the biggest rivers in the northern part of the Ladoga Lake area. It springs from the Ruokojarvi Lake near the Finnish border and flows into Lake Ladoga near the village of Lajola.

The length of the river is about 40 km. It has a lot of rapids and small waterfalls. One of the waterfalls is situated near The Blue Highway and it has been arranged as a lay-by some years ago. The river has two riverbeds separated by cliffs and falls into a deep basin.

The banks are rocky but there is also a short strip of a sandy beach. The banks are overgrown with pine and spruce trees. This sight is an attraction to all driving by and auto tourists who stop to have a rest here.